We Like to Say
Yes When
Others Say No.

We Protect What Matters Most.

Business owners need workers’ compensation coverage. But far too many carriers seem to work overtime to say no when it comes to writing coverage.

At SteadPoint, we like to say yes. In fact, we’re determined to find coverage solutions when many others are not. Not because we just want to book business. But because we know workers’ comp is critical to all businesses and want to give them the quality coverage they need to succeed.

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We Treat Your Customers Like Our Own.

We’re keenly focused on claims and doing what’s best for the insured. For starters, the industry standard caseload for adjusters is 200. At SteadPoint, our average adjuster caseload is 80.

We establish and maintain contact. We’re always accessible. We answer questions and provide support during what can be a challenging and scary time. The person with the claim talks with the team processing the claim, not someone at their company who doesn’t know what is going on. Because that’s what they deserve.

Here, It’s Personal.

At SteadPoint, we understand the value of a conversation and we genuinely like to talk to people. Our underwriters get out and talk to agents and businesses. We have a local presence in all our markets and build strong relationships with agents and businesses alike. And our adjusters are always available to talk to the people we cover. Always.

We also take our agent’s success personally. We understand how we manage claims is critical to our agents’ success. They are counting on us, and we won’t let them down.

We Make It Easy.

That may seem impossible in this business, but we do it. Through streamlining processes, absolute transparency, open communications and dedication to serving all our customers with excellence, we make it easy. And we’re very proud of that.

It's Personal

We build and nurture relationships
with agents that last for years.

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